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Therefour is a boutique consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa that
focuses on giving start-up businesses the head start they need to succeed.


Many business ideas fail not as a result of a bad idea or because funding is not generated but because in the early stages of a business's development the business owner is left to set up a business without the people skills and resources that a large Corporate would have access to.

Marketing and sales, business modelling, finance and cash flow are just a few of the considerations a business owner needs to work through to get his business off the ground. Financial Investors often provide strategic advice or connect a business owner to their network of partners however in the majority of cases are not able to work on-the-ground in the day to day workings of the business.

Therefour was founded in 2010 after identifying that many start-ups are more likely to succeed if they had this trusted people asset from early on in their development.

Therefour's primary mandate is to connect the 3 key elements of a successful start-up: a great idea; financial investment; and people who, with the necessary expertise, drive the enterprise to success by providing the on-the-ground people expertise through a variety of solutions and business tools, that are tailored not to break the bank at a time when a start-up has limited funds available to them.

Having gained over 20 years of experience in strategic decision making, business modelling, marketing, sales and finance through working in multi-nationals and with small businesses around the world; Therefour's members are positioned to give a start-up business the particular skill that they need to succeed.

By providing the expertise, Therefour acts as a known and trusted partner to both investors looking to back a new venture and to entrepreneurs with ideas.


Therefour has successfully managed to assist the following brands and businesses:


Kaboose is a unique marketing brand and retailer service that fills the gap between online retailing and in-store shopping. Through its interactive web and mobile based platform Kaboose facilitates the interaction between; and adds value to; three different customer groups: Shoppers, FMCG brands and Retailers within a traditional (physical) retail environment.

Therefour Consultants UK (Pty) Limited

Therefour UK provides strategic marketing and business expertise to the healthcare sector across the United Kingdom and Europe. Specific capabilities include brand lifecycle management (including product launch), customer insight strategies and facilitating customer change.



5th Floor, Earlgo Building
Corner Park & Kloof Street
Cape Town

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+27 21 423 3113